7 days to see Britain, UK or bust

I do not recommend trying to see Britain in 7 days, but I know some of you will want to attempt it. To give you an idea of the driving involved, it can take six hours driving to get from central London to York or Cornwall. Remember if you use motorways to get from A to B it will be relatively quick (you can average 60 miles per hour on a journey) but you will see NOTHING on the way. Motorways are the equivalent of driving in a tunnel.

Btitain uk region map for tourists Highlands of Scotland Edinburgh and Borders Lake District Yorkshire Derbyshire Peaks Wales Cotswolds Anglia London South East England West Country, Devon Cornwall

Take the M4 west from London to Bath, for a stop at lunchtime, and enough time to look round the town. Then on west on the M4 and M5 and A30 to Cornwall. Stop overnight with us on the sea in Cornwall.

Next day drive along the coast to Padstow before getting back onto the A30 and heading north up the M5 to Snowdonia in Wales. The next morning take a little time to see this mountainous area of Wales. The carry on northwards via Chester to the Lake District (most of this is motorway)

You won't have much time the next day for more than a spin round Lake Windermere, before journeying north again through the Borders to Edinburgh. After seeing a bit of Edinburgh the next morning, you can drive as far into the Highlands as you have time for before returning to the Borders for the night.

Then you are ready on the next day to move south through the Yorkshire Dales to York where you can spend you last night.

Your last day takes you south via the Derbyshire Peaks and Cambridge according to time, and on to London

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