Borders of Scotland and England

An area from Edinburgh in the north to the English border in the south. It has suffered from both incursions from the English and from border bandits. James II of Scotland finally pacified the area in the 15th century, when he defeated the powerful Border Earls.

jedburgh abbey borders scotland sheep

The violence, the stories of medieval wizards, the romance of the countryside, inspired the tales of Sir Walter Scott, who lived in this area. The tiny village of Coldstream is where General Monk raised a regiment of Coldstream guards in 1650 for Cromwells army. They are today one of the premier regiments in the British army

scottish borders fortified house winter scene near  kelso

Lots of towns grew up along the borders, Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso, Selkirk, Melrose. Each has its own history

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