Cambridge, England university town

Cambridge has had a university since the early 13th century, with the first true college, Peterhouse, founded in 1284. Today the centre of Cambridge is a mix of colleges (Kings below), the normal life of a British town (the market below) and the River Cam (you may wonder how a boat race crew work out here!)

Cambridge college anglia  market day cam banks

The university is a mix of ancient architecture, with modern students (note that traditionally the May Balls are in June)

gargoyl cambridge-ball cloisters

On the Backs, the name for the river as it scenically wends its way round the backs of the colleges, you probably get the best views of Cambridge. Below is the Mathematical Bridge at Queens' College, originally in 1749, without a single nail being used in its construction

bridge over river cam


Kings College, Cambridge

The visitor will want to see King's College with its famous chapel, the Old Court of Corpus Christi, the President's lodge at Queens', and the Wren Library of trinity amongst others.

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