7 days in Scotland

The roads in the Scottish Highlands are comparatively narrow, the scenery is magnificent, and there is no reason to hurry. Even if you want to hurry, you will not be able to! With seven days you will probably spent the first two nights in Edinburgh, in order to get a whole day in the city.

Then make an early start on the third morning to drive north to the Cairngorms and Speyside, where you can book in to a hotel for two nights (you will arrive late on in the day). This means you can spend the next day following the Whisky Trail on Speyside where many of the famous Malt Whisky distilleries are situated.

Day five is spent driving from Speyside, down the Great Glen, following the Caledonian Canal, past Loch Ness to Fort William under the shadow of Ben Nevis

The following morning you can follow the Road to the Isles, detouring to Skye if you wish, before heading up into Sutherland for the night. Your final day takes you back south to Edinburgh - and remember it will take all day to drive from the northern Highlands.

Touring Scotland Northern Highlands of Scotland Speyside Fort William Edinburgh


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