Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness is long, 24 miles, and deep 400 feet, and about one mile wide. Tales of monsters have been associated with the loch for many years. An inscription on a 14th century map tells of "waves without wind, fish without fins, islands that float", a description that has not been bettered by the many witnesses who have seen Nessie.

Perhaps the most famous siting is the 1934 photo below, taken by a London surgeon

nessie watching loch ness monster a scottish sea loch

Today bagpipers serenade the monster, zoologists deny that it could ever still exist, midget submarines search for it, nobody has conclusive proof one way or the other. Perhaps the mystery is more exciting than any scientific solution

bagpipe player   Loch Ness submarine

The debate will continue. There have been around 1000 sightings over the last 40 years. Whatever the answer, the location is magical. Perhaps the best viewing point is round the ruins of Urquhart Castle, by the light of a full moon

urquart castle

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