Tentative UK World Heritage Sites

Before being nominated for consideration by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a site first has to be on a Tentative List. This is a list of sites that have been identified as having outstanding value to world culture. The UK produced a Tentative List of 25 sites in 1999. The next revision of this list is not likely to occur before 2006.

Currently any one country is only allowed one nomination each year. The current nomination is the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape which will be considered by the next World Heritage Committee meeting in July 2006.

Tentative World Heritage Sites in Britain

This is a list of potential World Heritage Sites. You can click on any of the yellow buttons on the map, and get more information about that site.

* Chatham Naval Dockyard
* Darwin’s Home and Workplace
* Lake District
* Manchester, Trafford and Salford
* Monkwearmouth/ Jarrow
* New Forest
* Great Western Railway
* Shakespeare’s Stratford
* Wash and North Norfolk Coast
* Cairngorm Mountains
* Flow Country
* Forth Rail Bridge
* Pont-Cysyllte Aqueduct
* Mount Stewart Gardens

It would appear that a certain amount of politics enters into who gets on to this list, and having got onto the list, then which site gets nominated for full consideration in any year (remembering that the UK can only make one nomination each year). Politics will dictate that this nomination is spread around the UK and that no one region gets a disproportionate share.

It is probably Scotland's turn next up for nomination!

UK Government List of Tentative World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites in UK