British History from Cromwell to the First World War in 1914

This period cover the restoration of the monarchy - Charles II, James II , William III and Anne. With the succession of the German House of Hanover, parliamentary rule became properly established. The basis of our modern political parties came into being with the Whigs and the Tories.
Britain prospered, with the creation of her Empire (though the American Colonies were lost). The industrial revolution brought about a more urban society.
Little money had to be spent on debilitating wars, until Europe slid into World War I
Restoration Charles II, James II , William III and Anne Republicanism had failed, the monarchy restored, Charles II fell out with parliament, James II was overthrown
The House of Hanover - German George's 1715 to 1815 On Anne's death the country choose a distant Protestant relation to succeed. George of Hanover and his descendants ruled for the next century
Power, Peace and Prosperity 1815 to 1914 Another historically glorious period. Britain was a world force, the British Empire spanned the globe, Victoria was on the throne
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