East Devon Coast, World Heritage Site

East Devon Coast, World Heritage Site

The geology in East Devon shows us the oldest geological periods in the region.

The rocks here date from the Triassic Period, 250-200 million years ago. The rocks of the cliffs from Exmouth to Sidmouth record when the area was forming and was in the centre of a large continent made up of North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Antarctica, India and Australia.

300 million years ago a mountain chain was formed by a collision between tectonic plates. These mountains ran through the South West of England and on into what is now North America. The region lay near the equator at that time so this was hot and dry. Seasonal rains then eroded the mountains carrying the run off material to East Devon to form the sedimentary rocks we see today.

By 250 million years ago East Devon was receiving vast amounts of sediment from rivers. When it was dry the wind would pick up the dust which would form sand dunes.

The things to look out for are:-

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