Durham, Cathedral city and castle

On of the most visually attractive cities in Britain. The cathedral and castle tower majestically over the River Wear as it winds round high cliffs. The river protects them on three sides.

river at durham

durham cathedral

The cathedral was begun in 1093 and completed in 1133. It has many outstanding features - ribbed vaulting, a richly ornamented interior, a magnificent screen behind the high alter, tombs including those of St Cuthbert and the Venerable Bede, 8th century illuminated manuscripts. It was used as a prison by the Puritans during the Civil War.


Durham Castle was built by the Normans circa 1070, and stands on a narrow neck of land that guards the approach to the city. Now the university has grown in that part of Durham, and occupies among other building, the Castle.

view of city


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