New Forest, Southern England home of the pony

Planted over 1000 years ago, it was used a a hunting ground by William the Conqueror, whose treasury was nearby at Winchester. Besides the forest, there are heaths covered with yellow gorse or purple heather, depending on the season. Also stretches of bog and deep ponds, grazing lands, small farms and thatched cottages.

new forset pony



The Court of Verderers administers the laws of the forest. These cover traditional forest rights such as the grazing of livestock. Wild animals have legal right of way on the roads, and it is strictly forbidden to feed the animals.

woodland track

In the forest is the Rufus Stone, which marks the spot where William II (known also as William Rufus) was killed by an arrow in a hunting accident in 1100. On hearing the news the kings youngest brother Henry rode to Winchester, seized the treasury, and proclaimed himself king - hence stopping his elder brother getting the job.

Lyndhurst is the only town in the forest, and is where the Verderers Court sits in the 17th century Queen's House

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