Kent, England

From a tourist point of view, Kent is best known for Dover, where many Continental visitors arrive (though since the Channel Tunnel opened many now by-pass Dover). Like so many of our towns along the south coast, invasion from Europe has always been a fear in Dover. Hence Dover Castle, below, built by the Norman's using Roman foundation stones. They left the Roman pharos (lighthouse) intact, and it is still there today.

church in Garden of England dover castle kent house

Canterbury Cathedral stands on a site that had already been used for religion for 350 years when the Romans arrived in AD 43. The first cathedral was Saxon, built in AD 537. The present cathedral was started in 1067. It became infamous for the murder, on the kings orders, of the archbishop, Thomas Becket, in 1170. Four years later Henry II walked barefoot through the cathedral in penance. Today Canterbury Cathedral is the mother church for all Anglicans throughout the world.

canterbury cathedral cloister

After Norman castles came the Martello Towers (below left), built to protect the coast against Napoleon.

martello tower

Inland Kent is a rich agricultural land, known as the Garden of England. Particularly worthy of note are the apples (today many of the old English varieties have been replaced by more commercial varieties) and hops (used to flavour beer)

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