Northumberland, England

English and Scots armies were intermittently at war with each other in this area throughout the Middle Ages. The legacy of this can be seen today in not only the border castles, but even the farm houses are grouped round square, solid, stone built pele towers, and many barns have 8 foot thick walls. All being part of the occupiers attempts to defend themselves against murder, raiding and pillaging

Berwick on Tweed castle

Berwick on Tweed was once a great port of Scotland. The town changed hands between the Scots and the English 13 times, before finally becoming English in 1482

Northumberland coast

Off the Northumberland coast is the holy isle of Lindisfarne.Originally settled by monks from Iona in the 7th century, the island has had a colourful history. It can be reached by car along a tidal causeway, but you have to check the tide tables to avoid being marooned for 8 hours on the island!


The large man made Kielder forest and its reservoir cover a large tract of central Northumberland

kielder market square in NE England

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