Suffolk, England

The Suffolk coast has been attacked by Danes and Romans in the past. It continues to be attacked by the sea today. The east coast of England is sinking slowly - only a few inches every hundred years, in case you are too worried. For example King John granted a charter to the town of Dunwich in 1215, now only a few houses remain.

constable country suffolk castle

Aldeburgh has its annual festival at the Maltings and Southwold is known for its brewery today. Woodbridge still has a tide operated mill, and a few mils away is the Saxon burial ship at Sutton Hoo

sutton hoo burial

sutton hoo gold mask

Further inland is the flat low lands of Suffolk, made famous by the paintings of Constable. You can see Willy Lot's Cottage, as painted by Constable, and virtually the same today as in the painting.

constable painting  

Many of the towns like Lavenham still have fine medieval buildings.


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