Norfolk Coast, England, UK

The Norfolk coast sweeps east from the Wash to Cromer, then south to Great Yarmouth. The Wash is a long stretch of sand And low cliffs , with exposed saltings and tidal inlets. It was here in 1216 that King John's treasure train got trapped by the tide in quicksand, and disappeared below the seas of the Wash. It has never been recovered!

market hall norfolk coast

The Royal Family own their Sandringham estate here, and as they use in at Christmas, the grounds are open to the public in summer when no royals are in residence


All the way along the coast in Norfolk is slowly sinking, and the battle against the sea is constant. The coast is also known for its seafood specialties - Cromer for crabs, Yarmouth for herring and Stiffkey for cockles

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Pebbles are used in building, and have been since Norman times. Complete walls will be constructed from pebbles, with doors and windows faced off in brick

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