Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England with Blenheim

Although there is more to Woodstock than Blenheim Palace, most visitors probably go to visit the Palace. Blenheim, Sir John Vanbrugh's grandiose masterpiece, was built for John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough. The house and land came to Churchill as the gift from a grateful nation for his victories over the French at Blenheim in 1704. It is probably as well that nations do not reward generals in that way today!

duke of marlborough home


blenheim palace woodstock,  oxfordshire

Many of the country's greatest craftsmen of the time worked on the building, including Gibbons, Thornhil, Laguerre, and Rynsbrack.

And in the grounds Capability Brown dammed the River Glyme to create the lakes. Capability Brown also created the park like landscapes that are viewed from the house

Sir Winston Churchill, grandson of the 7th Duke, was born at Blenheim. in 1874. Churchill was buried in Bladon church on the edge of the Blenheim estate

churchill burial place bladon church, churchills grave

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