Walking in the English Lake District

The English Lake District offers a range of possibilities for walkers of all abilities. There are peaceful level walks round lakes like Grassmere or The Tarns, via strenuous but safe ascents of fells, to serious rock climbing using ropes and climbing gear.

If you look at the photographs for Northern Lakes, Central Lakes and Southern Lakes you will get a feel for the sort of scenery there is, and which end of the spectrum your own abilities are pitched!

Lake District Southern Lakes Blackpool Liverpool Chester

The division between northern, central and southern lakes is an artificial one made to present the photos in a structured way. The whole area is comparatively small (by car anyway), and you will get a good series of walks by planning a different one for each day you are staying there. You need to get one of the specialist books of Lake District walks for the serious walker. But here are a few suggestions

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