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A touring guide to East Anglia and the Derbyshire Peaks Anlia and the Derbyshire Peak Pistrict in Eastern England

Borders and Edinburgh - a touring guide with photos Southern Scotland, Edinburgh and the Borders with photos

Cotswolds touring information Cotswolds for the tourist

Highlands of Scotland - a touring guide Highlands and Islands of Scotland

A touring guide to the English Lakes and Lancashire The English Lake District, Cumbria and Lancashire

London London from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to the City

A touring guide to South East England South East England, Surry, Kent and Sussex

Wales, complete tourist information Wales for the visitor, culture and scenery

England's West Country - Devon and Cornwall,a guide with photographs Devon and Cornwal in Englands West Country

Yorkshire a touring guide with photographs Yorkshire, Moors and Dales, the City of York and Durham

British History British History, an easy to read guide

        Between the wars 1918 - 1939

        Britain in North America - we would rather forget

        Anglo Saxon Britain, Viking raids and the Norman invasion


        The Stuarts arrive, and the build up to Civil War and Cromwell

        The House of Hannover - German Georges 1715 to 1815

        1500 BC to the Romans in 43 AD


        the nations within Britain

        Britain post 1914 - Wars and Social change

        Britain since 1945

        before 1066

        Restoration Charles II, James II , William III and Anne

        Restoration Charles II, James II , William III and Anne

        Wars in France, revolts in England, Wars of the Roses


        The first farmers, Stonehenge and other relics

        Thatcherite Britain and the aftermath

        Normans to Cromwell

        Cromwell to 1945

        Henry VII, Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth

        Power, Peace and Prosperity 1815 to 1914


        William I,William II,Henry I, Stephen, Henry II

        The First World War 1914 -1918

        The Second World War 1939 -1945

7 days to see Britain How to tour Britain in 7 days

boating - canals Canal and boating holidays in britain

7 days in Northern Britain Take a week to see the North of the country

7 days in Scotland Scotland seen in 7 days

boating - sea holidays at sea off the British coast

7 days in Southern Britain southern Britain for the tourist

walking in Lakes Walking in the Lake District is exhilerating

walking in Pennines Walking the Pennines is arduous

walking in West Country Walking the Cornwall coast is easy

The Regions of Britain guide to the regions of Great Britain

And if you are travelling and need more information any of these are worth a browse

Cornwall Visitors - Cornwall tourist information

Wales Visitors - a complete travel guide to Wales

Scotland Visitors - your guide to travelling in Scotland

Devon Visitors - a touring guide to Devon and what to see and do

Cumbria Visitors - covers the Lake District of England and Cumbria to the Scottish border

London Visitors - if you are visiting London, then its this guide you will need

Cotswolds Visitors - covering the Cotswolds from Bath in the south to Stratford-upon-Avon in the north

Spain Visitors tourist information on Spain

Cornwall Holiday - Holiday in Cornwall - where to stay

Cornwall Coast Path - a detailed mile by mile description of all the Cornish coast path and the beaches of Cornwall

Country Hotels in UK - country house hotels , a guide to them across Great Britain

Conference Uk hotels - select your conference venues anywhere in the in the UK

Hotels Guide to Britain - 1000 best hotels in UK and Ireland

Good Hotels Guide - a guide to good hotels in all countries of the world

Good Hotels Guide to USA - maps for USA hotels on a state by state basis

        Corisande Hotel, Newquay, Corisande Manor, Newquay, Cornwall , a seaside country house hotel

Temple Sowerby - tour both the English Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales

        Maes-y-Neuadd, near Harlech, Wales - beautiful setting in Snowdonia National Park in North Wales

Weddings in Devon Get married in Devon and find out all about weddings

Queens Snowdonia - value for money hotel in the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales

French Horn at Sonning - a restaurant with rooms near Windsor, Berkshire, on the Thames

Shropshire Hotels - a very good group offering luxury accommodation in Shropshire

Grantonline - for the genealogist

Dordogne Self Catering - France - Dordogne region. Maison Jaune Cottage for holiday let

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