The Great Britian Weather

Our climate is completely unpredictable - hence an obsession with weather forecasts. You would probably be as well off examining a piece of seaweed to predict the weather, as you would looking at the weather forecasts. Nevertheless this has not stopped an industry being built on the forecasting business.

The British climate is mild and maritime, normally not going much below zero even in the depths of winter, and never much above 25 C in summer. Most of the time it is between 10 and 20 C.

We do not have any big mountains, but obviously the further north you go and the higher above sea level you go, particularly in winter, then the colder it will be.

However during the main tourist season, the weather is invariably mild (20 to 25 C).

You can always confuse yourself by listening to the Weather Forecast. Invariably it will tell you the day will be cloudy with sunny intervals and some rain at times. It is also believed that as one progresses to the Celtic fringes of Britain, the weather forecast becomes even more unreliable, as it is London orientated!

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