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This is a case of buyer beware, Tourist Information centres, whilst they do dispense information to tourists, do not have that as their main aim in life. Their objective is to make money for the person that runs the franchise.

So if you go in and ask for say a hotel, they will only recommend hotels that have paid to be recommended by that Tourist Information Centre. There might be just the hotel that you are looking for round the corner, that hotel may have been inspected by the tourist board and graded highly, but if it has not paid the cash to the local centre, it will not be mentioned to you.

Similarly they can give you brochures on local attractions like theme parks (who have paid for membership) but will not have too much on say stone age burial mounds, or whatever else you may want. They will have lists of bus tours, but if you want help to get local buses from Penzance to Taunton via Ilfracombe, you will find they are not too interested.

Having said all that, they are a good place to buy a range of local maps and guides, and to pick up brochures on attractions! They also should have up to date advice on hotels with empty rooms, which can be useful at peak holiday periods if you have not booked ahead

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