Public Holidays in Britain

public holidays in UK and Britain

Public Holidays, called Bank Holidays in Britain, were introduced in Victorian times as a way of the working classes getting some respite from the grind of unremitting work. That has ceased to be a reason, Bank Holidays are now a tradition.

Christmas and New Year is the one time that most British people take a real public holiday.The whole nation virtually closes down for two weeks. Easter is not particularly a family holiday time, nor or the other Bank Holidays. However they do mean that millions of people get into their cars and head for the coast. Sensible people stay off the roads on Public Holidays. Tourists need to be aware of them as hotels in resort areas will have no spare rooms if you turn up without a reservation.

If the Bank Holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the government decree the following Monday as the Holiday

Our schools have about two weeks off at Christmas and Easter, plus around 6 weeks from mid July to end August. The holiday areas obviously fill up then too.

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