Motoring Rules in Britain

UK motoring laaws and driving in britain
  • We do drive on the proper side of the road, if you are used to driving on the wrong side, it will no be too difficult to adjust - just remember after about three days when your guard is down!
  • Europe has roundabouts, America does not. Non Europeans need to come to grips with these circulatory systems - they are an efficient way of controlling traffic
  • Our roads in the byways can be quite narrow, but as long as you are not in a hurry this is no real problem
  • for planning long distance driving you will be lucky to average more than 60 mph on Motorways and 30 mph on non-motorways. The figures make mental arithmetic easy!
Speed Limits Britain has a number of universal speed limits that are well marked. But as a rule of thumb the following should help
  • 30 m.p.h. in towns and villages
  • 60 m.p.h. on normal country roads
  • 70 m.p.h. on motorway & dual carriageway
  • always look for signs that tell of any variance in these limits
  • double yellow lines along the side of the road mean no parking at ant time
  • single yellow line along the side of the road means you cannot park during the day - a notice will tell you when parking is allowed
  • When parking regulations exist they are usually posted on a notice at the roadside - look out when you park
  • Pay & display (you get a timed ticket from a nearby machine) and parking meters are common
  • Penalties are handed out by a separate organisation called Traffic Wardens - a deeply unpopular species in Britain
  • You can get a fine, or wheel clamped, or towed away. All tend to be expensive enough to act as some deterrent
Motoring organisations
  • If you rent a car, the hiring company usually has a procedure for breakdowns
  • If you have problems, and do not know what to do, try the following organisations
  • The Automobile Association ( the AA) on 0800 887766
  • The RAC on 0800 828282
  • National Breakdown on 0800 400600
The Highway Code
  • You may not believe it after you have driven a car in Britain, but we are governed by a set of rules called "The Highway Code" and all drivers will have had to pass a driving test to get a licence.
  • If you are curious, a copy of the Highway Code can be purchased from any high street newsagent like W H Smith
  • If you do get a parking ticket or a speeding fine, its not my fault!
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