The Channel Tunnel

channel tunnel to france by eurostar trainto France by Eurostar

One of the biggest engineering projects ever carried out and costing around 10 billion to build, the Channel Tunnel runs under the English Channel for 31 miles from near Dover to near Calais in France. The tunnel is in fact a complex of three tunnels - one takes trains from England to France, one takes trains from France to England, and the third is a service tunnel.

The Chunnel has not been without its problems - financial or safety.

It is now the fasted way of getting from London to Paris or Brussels (about three hours to either). The passenger trains leave from London Waterloo regularly, and get you in to Paris Gare du Nord or Brussels Midi/Zuid.

Cars also go by train. Basically you motor to the British or French terminal, drive on to a special train, and drive off at the other end. Its quicker than the ferry and the trains run more regularly

Information is readily available on the web, on a number of web sites

An overall assessment is that taking your car by the Chunnel is more expensive than the ferry, but a quicker journey and with more frequent services

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